Gateway Insurance, in Liquidation, formally of Atlas Financial Holdings

Liquidation Order: June 10, 2020

In The Matter of the Liquidation of Gateway Insurance Company

Circuit Court of Cook County Case No. 19 CH 7852


The California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA) is working with the Liquidator's Office to obtain the open claims information it needs to handle claims relating to policies issued to California policyholders. The liquidator, Office of the Special Deputy Receiver, will manage the transfer of claims to CIGA. CIGA will then be able to respond to inquiries and begin processing claims. We anticipate being able to process claims beginning July 6, 2020.


Third party claimants (those making a claim against a Gateway insured) must first report their claim to their own insurance company. Third party claimants having Collision, Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury or Uninsured Motorist Property Damage coverage on a loss that is covered by the Gateway Insurance company's liability policy shall proceed against his or her own insurance carrier. If a claim is covered by other insurance, it does not qualify as a "covered claim" payable by CIGA.


Frequently Asked Questions:

When will CIGA receive my claim?

If your claim is on the books of Gateway Insurance Company as an open claim, CIGA anticipates receiving information about it by July 6, 2020. Once that information is received, CIGA will be able to respond to inquiries and process claims.


Has my policy been cancelled?

According to the June 10, 2020 liquidation order, all direct policies and/or certificates of insurance issued by Gateway Insurance Company that were in effect shall continue in force only until the earlier of:
    (a) The 31st day after the date of entry of the order (Cancelled July 10, 2020 at 12:01 a.m.);
    (b) The date of expiration of the policy coverage: or
    (c) The date the insured has replaced the policy or otherwise terminated the policy;


What if I have a new claim that I want to file with Gateway Insurance in Liquidation?

If you have a pending claim or if you have an insured loss that occurs prior to the cancellation date, please contact the Office of Special Deputy Receiver at the address, phone number or email provided below:

Office of the Special Deputy Receiver

Statutory Liquidator of Gateway Insurance Co.

222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #960

Chicago, IL 60654

Telephone Number: Phone: 1-312-836-9500


The Special Deputy Receiver's office for Gateway Insurance Company will then create a new claim and send it to us.


I paid premiums for coverage beyond the cancellation date and am due some return premium. Will CIGA refund those premiums?

While CIGA does pay "unearned premium" back to policyholders, it cannot do so until it receives information from the liquidator of the insolvent insurer. By statute, CIGA pays the amount the liquidator tells CIGA is due to a policyholder. So, until CIGA is given that information it is not capable of making any payment of "unearned premium".

Will CIGA replace a returned check that I originally received from Gateway Insurance?

CIGA is required to investigate each claim to determine whether it qualifies as a "covered claim" and to determine the amount of such "covered claim". To the extent a "returned check" qualifies as a "covered claim", CIGA will issue payment.